September 26, 2020

Seaford Wetlands Fun Run

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About Seaford Wetlands Fun Run

Walk, Run, Jog at Seaford Wetlands

The Seaford Wetlands Fun Run has been designed with the following in mind…

  • Encourage participants to get out and enjoy their favourite activity.
  • Enjoy our beautiful Wetlands area
  • Raise some much needed funds for our key beneficiaries.

Entry is as Individual or Family and you can still includes a Bib and Medal.

If you are looking for a Frankston Fun Run, this is a perfect option.

·  Kindred Clubhouse – Mental Health Services in a club environment.

·  State Emergency Services – every year this group of volunteers help 1000’s of people.

Each year we select additional community support programs, check our Facebook page for updates.

Organised by Peninsula 2.0 in conjunction with Seaford Little Athletics Club

Bib and Medal are included. Some limits on available quantities may apply.

Send support questions via our support partner