June 12, 2016


Teams will be based on an aggregate of Km’s run by entire team. Team member must finish and have a valid time.

  • Points are awarded for each athlete that completes an event.
  • Points will be awarded as follows:
    • 1 point for each Kids’ Dash finisher (children under 6 only)
    • 2 points for each 2km finisher
    • 5 points for each 5km finisher
    • 10 points for each 10km finisher
  • Teams may be composed of any number of athletes. Minimum is 2 with no maximum requirement.
  • All finishers will earn points for their team, both runners and walkers.
  • Teams may be composed of any combination of age and/or gender.
  • The team will be established during the entry process. The entrant that first establishes the team will be the nominated Team Leader, this person can then select how to join teams, we recommend using the Password Option as that is more self service.  Team Leader will create the team name and password. You can change who is Team Leader online anytime.
  • All subsequent entrants can select the team (you will be prompted to search for your team name), then enter the password to join the team.
  • No additional fees apply to team entries.
  • Results will be calculated by Tomato Timing based on each finisher’s completed distance (points allocated as above).